Mobile-Friendly Google – A Rare Opportunity

Just a few short weeks ago, Google’s mobile-friendly hammer came down on websites across the country. You may or may not have heard, but Google announced that they would start to penalize websites that were not mobile-friendly. But why is this such a big deal, and why now? Why Mobile is Important to Google As I’ve written about […]


How Responsive Design Improves SEO and your SERP

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, we’re crazy about responsive web design here at Attome. There are many reasons why responsive web design just feels better at an instinctual level. But the strength of responsive design isn’t only skin deep. The fact is that responsive design also has a big impact on your […]

Usability Efficiency

Users want usability – How to give them what they want

A website that simply does not work is clearly not usable in the traditional sense. But what is it that makes a website ‘usable’? Usability is the simple idea that people come to your website for a reason, and usability is the measure by which they are able to achieve their goal–in as little time as […]