Automate and Integrate Your Website

One of the false promises of the internet age was that everything was going to be easier. For instance, having smartphones connected to our email accounts should have made us more productive, but somehow we’re all drowning in emails. Social media was supposed to give us a place to engage our friends and customers, but how many of us have enough time to interact consistently on 3+ social networks? Unfortunately, the reality is that technology can often wind up being a bigger burden unless it is handled properly. The bright side of the equation is that there are a number of options and (yes) more technology that can help you manage your virtual obligations. Two areas of primary interest

First, automate your website. Rather than acting as a static bulletin board for customers, a website should be the focal point of your internet presence. Using a CMS platform like WordPress gives you many options for automation, as does the bevy of plugins available. One plugin that should be on every WordPress site is Jetpack. Jetpack gives you the ability to automate posting blogs on social media, driving traffic to your site by using your social networks. Jetpack also allows you to make blog posts via email, further reducing the time you need to spend outside of your normal workflow. Next, you want to integrate your site with common marketing and customer retention tools like Mail Chimp. This will allow you to build a following and keep in contact with your customers. You’ll want to make sure that you add the ability for users to share your content on their own social networks, which can be easily done with Jetpack.

Finally, you should start to take a look at third-party applications to automate your social network interactions. We love Buffer and Hootsuite, both of which offer great ways to automate. Services like these have many features, but some of the more useful ones include the ability to write status updates ahead of time and schedule specific times to send them to your social networks.

At the end of the day, technology should make our lives easier. Automate and integrate your website to make this dream a reality. Contact us and we can chat about other ways for you to save time.